About Company

About Company

Our company “BUILD INVEST GROUP ” is engaged in the development, construction, management, and financing of energy efficiency projects in Ukraine with the use of alternative energy sources.

We help in the creation and development of tentative and detailed projects, services for the sale of assets and their subsequent use, as well as services for the production of electricity.

Our specialists will give high-quality and professional consultation on energy projects of any scale for your own businesses and your own consumption facilities. They will help you in managing these projects and provide a general or individual service.

Main Business Areas:

We mainly focus

We focus mainly on long-term renewable energy assets that provide stable, long-term financial flows, and are well-valued over time.

Goal Bild Invest Group
Goal №1

Managing a diversified portfolio at the highest standards

Goal Bild Invest Group
Goal № 2

Combining contractual cash flows to minimize risk assets

Goal Bild Invest Group
Goal №3

Effective use of our operational experience

Goal Bild Invest Group
Goal № 4

Safe opportunities for the development of new technologies in business