TPP on wood waste 5.4 MW

  • The power of the station is 5.4 MW / h;
  • Fuel consumption - 120,000 t / year;
  • Electricity output - 43,200 MW / g;
  • Heat production - 111200 MW / g;
  • Boiler output - 20.2 MW.

The construction of the station took 2 years, from 2010 to 2012, including the development of project documentation, installation work, testing and connection. This TPP plant is designed to process biofuels, in particular wood waste.

Such TPP components as a fluidized-bed boiler, a smoke waste treatment system, a steam turbine and a condensing economizer are connected and put into operation. In addition, a warehouse was built for storing and supplying fuel to the boiler, taking into account the need for transport and unloading of wood waste.

Also, an electronic control system has been developed and implemented. It should be noted that the operation of the TPP takes place in an automatic mode, with regular diagnostics of working components and the formation of reporting documentation. The system is equipped with a duplicate server, which eliminates the possibility of failures. The power station units communicate via an «Ethernet» network.

picture_as_pdfScheme of energy balance (pdf)

TPP on wood waste 5.4 MW

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