Gubinskaya Hydropower Plant

  • The nominal power of the station is 200 kW;
  • Number of hydraulic units - 1 unit;
  • Generator type - asynchronous;
  • Rated voltage - 0,4 kV;
  • Estimated difference - 4 m.

Gubinskaya HPP was built in 2016. and is located in Gubin, Khmelnytsky region. The total capacity of the power plant at the moment is 200 kW. The hydropower plant is located on the river. Sluch and has a working drop of 4 m. On this facility there is a vertical pivot-blade turbine.

This project was implemented jointly with the Polish company “WTW Poland”. Our company has developed and supplied a generator control and protection system, a reactive power compensation board, and power switching equipment for a rated current of 630A.

Specialists of our company installed all control and power cable routes, connected all the actuators that were supplied by “WTW Poland”.

Together with the specialists of “WTW Poland”, the entire set of commissioning and test operation of the unit was carried out.

All parameters of the hydraulic unit operation are displayed in a single central SCADA system of the customer.

Gubinskaya Hydropower Plant
Gubinskaya Hydropower Plant

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