Gayvoronskaya Hydropower Plant. Reconstruction of hydrounit №3

  • Nominal capacity of the station is 6.6 MW;
  • Number of hydraulic units - 3 units;
  • Generator type - synchronous;
  • Rated voltage - 10 kV;
  • Estimated difference - 9 m.

Gayvoronskaya HPP was built in 1964. and is located in Gayvoron, Kirovograd region. The total capacity of the power plant at the moment is 6.6 MW. The hydropower plant is located on the river. Southern Bug and has a working difference of 9 m.

Due to its long service life, in 2016, the customer made a decision on the reconstruction of hydroelectric unit No.3. The hydraulic unit is a vertical turbine of the propeller type. A synchronous generator with a capacity of 2.2 MW is installed on the shaft of the turbine.

In the course of the work, the generator control and protection system was completely replaced, and the excitation system was modernized. The system for regulating the speed of the RS-K1 turbine and the generator bearing lubrication system were also replaced. One of the innovations of this project was the development of a digital control system for the electric machine exciter, which allowed to abandon expensive thyristor systems, and to increase the rate of excitation reaction to fluctuations in the power system, and to reduce the total cost of investment.

The existing speed controller RS-K1 has been completely dismantled and replaced by a modern hydraulic station providing precise positioning of the guide device, as well as guaranteed stoppage of the unit in emergency situations.

The generator is started by the method of precise automatic synchronization, which made it possible to minimize the starting currents and ensure smooth and unstressed switching of the generator into the network.

Modernization of GA № 3 made it possible to switch to modern microprocessor-based control and protection devices, improve the reliability of the unit, provide round-the-clock collection of information on its operation in the central SCADA system.

Gayvoronskaya Hydropower Plant
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