TPP on wood waste 9.47 MW

  • The station's capacity is 9.47 MW / h;
  • Fuel consumption - 196500 t / year;
  • Electricity production - 75,760 MW / g;
  • Heat production - 258789 MW / g;
  • Boiler output - 40,44 MW.

Our company has prepared and implemented a project of a power station that operates on biofuel - wood waste. Development of project documentation began in 2010, and the system was commissioned in 2012.

During this period, installed and connected in a single network: a boiler, condensing economizer, electrostatic filter, steam turbine and smoke removal system.

Also, a complex of premises for storing biofuel stores with automated loading systems and a thought-out logistical interchange for transport was built.

The assembly and connection of the working elements of the TPP have been carried out, the diagnostics and the performance check have been carried out. Also, commissioning and calibration of errors were carried out. Completely finished system is delivered to the customer on time, stipulated by the contract, with warranty obligations. The TPP is running and working effectively.

picture_as_pdfScheme of energy balance (pdf)

TPP on wood waste 9.47 MW

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