Energy from Wood Waste

Energy from Wood Waste

By burning wood waste, two problems are solved: getting a cheap energy source and recycling waste.

Our experts will help determine the thermal capacity of the complex, which is necessary for heating the premises. To do this you need to take into account many factors that affect:

  • area of the premises;
  • Height;
  • the area of windows and doors;
  • heat conductivity of the walls;
  • thermal insulation;
  • required room temperature;
  • heat loss during transport of coolant.

The calculation of all these indicators involves the implementation of complex heat engineering calculations, project development and implementation of developed design solutions.

Our services

infoAdvisory services at the initial stage
  • Determination and selection of places for construction
  • Estimating the prospects of plant installation
  • Delivery of equipment, installation, commissioning work
  • Commissioning
landscapeLand registration (consulting)
  • Public hearings
  • Petition for land allotment
  • Session of the local council
  • Design authorization
  • Land management work
  • Land ownership
filter_vintage"Green" tariff
  • Network connection agreement
  • Connecting to the network
  • Submission of documents to NERC (National Electricity Regulatory Commission)
  • Membership in WEM (Wholesale energetic market)
  • Getting a green tariff
  • Electricity sale contract
library_booksObtaining technical specifications (consulting)
  • Package of documents for Oblenergo
  • Requests for technical specifications to other services
  • Receiving specifications
  • Exquisite work
  • Working project development
  • Harmonization of technical specifications in the relevant services
  • Expertise